Hi, my name is Ilia (sometimes Ilya), welcome to my page.
For CV please email me using information below.
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kulikov at cs.nyu.edu

Recent projects:
Uncertainty Determines the Adequacy of the Mode and the Tractability of Decoding in Sequence-to-Sequence Models, ACL2022
Characterizing and addressing the issue of oversmoothing in neural autoregressive sequence modeling
Mode recovery in neural autoregressive sequence modeling, ACL2021: Workshop on Structured Prediction for NLP
Consistency of a Recurrent Language Model With Respect to Incomplete Decoding, EMNLP 2020
Don't Say That! Making Inconsistent Dialogue Unlikely with Unlikelihood Training, ACL 2020
Neural Text deGeneration with Unlikelihood Training, ICLR 2020, code
Multi-Turn Beam Search for Neural Dialogue Modeling, CAI Workshop 2019 (Neurips)
Importance of Search and Evaluation Strategies in Neural Dialogue Modeling,iNLG 2019